Muhammad Faruq bin Muhammad Faiz

It has been two weeks.
14 days of my 90 days holidays gone.
Time flies super fast
yet I keep saying to Faruq that I want him to grow faster everyday.

On being a mother, hmm...
Tiring (how could I say this, I'm ashamed of myself), but at the same time I love it because I'm taking care of my own child.
A baby which I had been carrying around for 39 weeks, exactly.
I love kissing Faruq. That's my hobby now :)

On my experience giving birth, fuhhh...
Well, while I was pregnant, I tried to prepare my mental for the worse, most exhilarating pain that I would experience. Like I always told myself that it's gonna be really painful, so prepare for it.
But somehow, the pain could only be described once you yourself has experienced it.
If you ask me, it was painful, of course.
I remembered trying to not focus on the pain too much, and instead focus on wiggling my own feet.
Somehow it helped, I think. Haha.
And I remembered warning Faiz not to ask me questions, that was a funny moment when I think back about it.


Nine nine nine

I am officially 9 months pregnant tomorrow.
So the baby can come out at anytime now.
I am so very eagerly excited to see my baby.

and I would avoid thinking about the pain,
or if anyone asks me whether I'm scared,
I would straightaway ignore it, or I just kept quiet, or I would just shrug.

Honestly, I can't wait to get back in shape too.
I feel so fat and ugly.



I miss writing, a lot.

I don't know why I never seem to have the time.
Or perhaps I'm just too lazy, boo hoo.

I'm in my 30th week now. Time flies super fast.

And I haven't finished shopping for my baby's stuff yet.
All the baby's clothes are soo cute and adorable.
I want to buy all of them.

Today I'm in school while all my colleagues who worked yesterday took a leave.

Till I have the time to write again...


Today, in class. The bell just rung.

Student: Teacher, your time finished already is it?
Me: Yeah lah.
Student: Why so fast meh?
Me: Yeah lah, you want longer is it?
Student: But why so fast meh?
Me: Ala, it's only because I'm your favourite teacher. So your time spent with me feels so short.


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I dislike a person ,who, doesn't usually do his/her work, and ask someone else to do their job for them.
Then, when for example, he/she does his/her work for that one time, he/she makes a big fuss out of it and shows off that he/she is actually tip top and does his/her job all the time.
Then that person, points out other people's mistake, announcing it to the whole world.

If only we had the power and the say, if only.


Mrs. Faiz

I love being married.

I love that I am married to my charming husband, Mr. Faiz.

It's great, super-awesome, super-duper amazing.

Being married makes me go all mushy.
I know.
But I really love it :)


the attack

I am panicking right now

seriously, is this how it feels like. oh my god.

familia is off to KL. for a wedding & some shopping.
which I have never not tag along before.

my sister left me with these, posted on the mirror

I am panicking.
panic! panic! panic!


cream & peaches

I secretly, silently, refuse to admit that I am becoming a bridezilla.

totally in denial.

and everything is starting to pang-in.

if only I could have the super power to stop time.

plus school isn't lessening the burden. but adding more and more to it.

hopefully everything will be done in time :)

my first dream-wedding-dress